There are three kinds of people in this world: those who are comfortable with their maths skills, and those who aren’t.

Hugh Cameron, MBS



Excellent…. After a few hours of tinkering with various DNS settings (largely blindly and with fingers firmly crossed), you should be seeing this blog at!

I’ll be sure to keep on top of this account (and hopefully import posts from my previous wordpress blog if that’s possible), but right now I’m working on a brainwave for a dissertation which will hopefully draw on my political and technological interests enough to generate 15,000 words of fascinating academic insight (again, fingers crossed).

Before I write anything too substantial, I’ll likely post a few links and videos which I think should give new readers an idea as to the sort of geeky things I’m into.

Please feel free to email me on my personal account until I set up a domain specific email (hopefully by the end of the weekend).

Jolly good, that seemed to work!

Brilliant news! I’ve managed to get this working on .

Now the question that remains is whether the blog should be the main home landing page or be a subdomain as it is now….

All this thinking out loud is at least providing some cheeky content!

No new site yet….

So it seems that the transfer of my tumblr account to my website hasn’t quite worked yet. I’m still messing around with the settings, so hopefully I should have it done in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I realised I should get back to this whole blogging thing which I’ve neglected for so long. I got used to sounding off about various things back in the ‘08 on my WordPress blog, but I’ve not taken the time to sit down and write as much as I thought I would have. Never mind though, tumblr is now “where its at” (as I believe the ‘kidz’ say these days).

New site?

Hopefully this will show up when people visit….

Let’s see if it works!

Later never comes….

I’ve been looking through some me my old posts and have realised that my procrastinatory tendencies lead to rather ineffective follow-up on many of my topics.

Also, I think I’ve pretty much lost interest in blogging recently. I can’t even use the excuse of being busy (which I am), instead it seems that my bouts of blogging peak while I’m working a full-time job. Perhaps more interesting things happen in that kind of situation than in academia, I don’t know.

Anyway, the point of this post is to guilt myself into writing a few follow-up posts, and to sharing a brilliant comment I had from someone who mistook me Phil Donohue (24 year old Masters student), with Phil Donohue (easily 60-something if not older American celebrity).

Oh by the way, I’m writing this from my new phone: an HTC Tattoo running Android OS. I’m not going to promise a review because that way it probably wouldn’t happen….

Let’s see if my tumblr page updates from twitter…..