It’s been quite the week for my own personal geekery. Alongside pushing on with my MSc dissertation, I’ve also been granted access to Google’s new App Inventor for Android site.

Using my humble yet trusty HTC Tattoo (which, by the way, is absolutely flying now that I’ve flashed an Eclair (Android OS 2.1) ROM, no thanks to HTC’s lack of love for Tattoo now the fancy-dan Wildfire has been released), I’ve already created the nice little tutorial app as shown in this video:

I’ll be looking to make a few slightly more interesting apps as soon as I have the time, but I have to say that it is a very simple to use interface, a bit like a techie-lego!

Could this be the first shot fired in the mobile consumer as co-creator/developer wars? There already seems to be hints of retaliation….