Link: We may not have the hardware, but the Zune software is ace!

I’ve been looking for a good program to manage my podcasts (now that I’ve put in a much bigger microSD into my phone), and I’ve come across Microsoft’s Zune software.

It is obviously tailor made for users of the Microsoft’s Zune and Zune HD media devices, which despite receiving some very positive reviews, have not made their way over to Blighty. However, it’s an extremely pretty looking media player and podcast manager, and will work perfectly fine on any PC, although you’ll lack the ability to sync to a non-Zune device (easily bypassed by simply copying the files you want to your device’s filesystem).

One major reason I would recommend getting on the Zune train, is that the Zune stylings and functionality will be coming to the EU in the form of Microsoft’s new Windows Phone Series 7 devices, possibly even by the end of this year.

I would love to have access to a Windows Phone Series 7 device to do a review, but in the meantime I can do no better than to recommend you read engadget’s substantial report, following from its coverage of Mobile World Congress.