I’ve been looking through some me my old posts and have realised that my procrastinatory tendencies lead to rather ineffective follow-up on many of my topics.

Also, I think I’ve pretty much lost interest in blogging recently. I can’t even use the excuse of being busy (which I am), instead it seems that my bouts of blogging peak while I’m working a full-time job. Perhaps more interesting things happen in that kind of situation than in academia, I don’t know.

Anyway, the point of this post is to guilt myself into writing a few follow-up posts, and to sharing a brilliant comment I had from someone who mistook me Phil Donohue (24 year old Masters student), with Phil Donohue (easily 60-something if not older American celebrity).

Oh by the way, I’m writing this from my new phone: an HTC Tattoo running Android OS. I’m not going to promise a review because that way it probably wouldn’t happen….