Despite the fact that I had earlier promised some insightful coverage of the Canadian election, I’m well aware that this hasn’t actually been delivered.

So, in typical last-minute style, I’m monitoring the results of today’s election via the Elections Canada website. If you’re still awake (which I highly doubt), do take a quick peek.

At the moment it looks like another Conservative minority government, and so far the Greens haven’t made their breakthrough into the Commons (with their leader Elizabeth May running in former Progressive Conservative leader Peter Mackay’s riding). Interestingly, the NDP seem to be picking up alot of Liberal votes, which will no doubt accelerate the process for Michael Ignatieff to become the next Liberal leader after Dion’s abysmal performance.

Thoughts so far? Well, my predictions are usally pretty far off the mark [see basically all of my previous posts] so I’m steering clear of possibly jinxing any of my good friends in Canada. I’m also not promising any post-match analysis, but I’ll see what I can do….

Current seat standings (308 total, 155 required for majority):

Conservative 144, Liberal 78, NDP 34, Bloc 47, Green 0, Other 2 (3 still to declare)