Lucky for politics geeks like me, tonight we have two debates to watch out for potential personal (and political) self-destruction!

Obviously, the long awaited confrontation between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin in the US Vice-Presidential debates starts soon. Over here in the states the anticipation for this debate has saturated the broadcast and print media (not to mention the blogosphere), and could well be a turning point in the campaign.

Personally, I think this could go one of two ways:

1. Biden manages to waffle way off topic and over time, or perhaps is a bit too agresssive against Palin, and she smiles and fires back her brilliantly crafted crowd-pleasing non-answers and wins the day.


2. Palin gets wrapped up in the last few days of intense McCain briefings and can’t hold it against what would appear to be a hostile moderator (it seems Gwen Ifill has authored a book on Obama’s meteoric rise to the presidency, which is due for release on inauguration day next year), allowing Biden to simply keep his reponses short and sweet and wait for Palin to talk herself into the ground.

Either way, it should be fun to watch. I of course use the word ‘fun’ in its broadest possible sense….

On the other hand, tonight we also have the English language Leaders’ Debates for the Canadian Federal Election (which can be caught online at here). I’m waaay out of touch with Canadian politics, and so I could really do with watching this seeing as I’m heading up to Canada tomorrow, but it’s on at 9pm central district time so I think I’ll miss the beginning. I’ll try to catch it later though.

So there you are, a choice of live televised debates amongst political leaders to choose from. Will we ever see Dave, Gordon and Nick do the same on British tv?

Also, quick prediction: The new, 451 page ‘bailout bill’ is being voted on by the House of Representatives tomorrow. This is probably dooming it to success, but I think it might not get passed. There have been so many things tagged on to this bill that it reeks of desperation by the administration in getting this through. Also, following the pretty close beat-down of the original 3-page bailout bill, congressman could well be feeling bolstered after being seen as responding to their constituents concerns (well, the vocal ones at least) on the huge amount of money being handed over in this bill.

I’ve been wrong before, but hey, you gotta take a punt every now and then.