I can’t leave you guys on your own for one second can I?!

Brown’s latest reshuffle is pretty Ballsy (poor pun I know), what with the Return of the Mand and the metaphorical castration of Hilary Benn through the creation of a new Department for Energy and Climate Change for another of his apprentices Ed Miliband. As mentioned by James Forsyth at the Coffee House, this presents a good opportunity to push another rising Tory star into the shadow portfolio. I’d back Ed Vaizey for the new role, as when it comes to coming up with ideas to deal with climate change, two Ed’s are better than one…. (I make no apologies for the poor quality of punnery today).

I had the luxury of not having to stay up to the wee small hours to watch the VP debate last night, and I’m a little sad that the self destruction I predicted didn’t really happen. Palin performed way beyond many expectations, which I know isn’t saying much, and used her journo and (limited) broadcast experience to good use by talking to camera and picking a tonality of voice that was pretty appealing. But as with the Presidential debate, there were no knockout blows. The spectacle continues. (To be honest with you, the debate I’d like to see would be Obama vs Palin. The debates have been white-haired dude versus interesting ‘gamechanger’ candidate. It’d be interesting to see how they’d do against eachother….)