Yesterday (well, early on in the wee hours Sunday night / Monday morning), I wrote this post about Sarah Palin’s fan page on Facebook, and the links to Christian Rock band the Redding Brothers. Last night, in the comments, I received a message from none other than Josiah Redding himself!

Hey Phil,

I stumbled across your post by chance…interesting. I started the Sarah Palin page because I’m (thus far) a fan and supporter, because I knew she was being talked a lot about in the media these last weeks, and because I spend way too much time on Facebook :-). But I’m a little surprised that I became the subject of a blog post…

I have several other such pages: the one for the Bible that you mentioned, one for my home church here in TN, the one for my band The Redding Brothers that you mentioned, one for the TV show “Deadliest Catch”, and a few others.

I guess from all that you can tell I’m a politically-conservative Christian musician who likes to watch crab fishing.

I create pages about things I’m interested in or a fan of, and link each page to any other relevant pages I own (bible > church, etc). And I do put my link on all the pages I own.

Anyway, I’m not intending to blast any inappropriate messages to anyone as you suggested. That would be really stupid, and do my band more harm than good. In fact, I’ve never used the “Send an Update” feature on any of my pages at all.

I’m not sure I understand why you see this as such a bad thing…hundreds of people on Facebook create their own fan pages for different people and brands…


I’m fairly sure I’ve never before had contact from “a politically-conservative Christian musician who likes to watch crab fishing”, but that’s the internet for you eh?

Anyway, he seems like a nice chap, and he assures me that he won’t be using the ever-growing membership base (now with well over 100,000 Facebook fans) to push his the family band. I have no reason to doubt him, but I still think that there will be many people joining that group thinking it is in officially linked to the Republican campaign, so perhaps Josiah could make it clear on the page that it is not.

Fair play to Josiah, he’s certainly done very well with his group in a very short space of time. Maybe the Repulicans should get him on board with their online campaigning effort. With a vast fanbase like that, they could mobilise Palinite Facebook addicts across the US!