In the most recent of my occasional “think of a famous person and see if they have a facebook account” time-wasting efforts, I thought I’d see how potentially hilarious Sarah ‘Heatbeat away from the Presidency’ Palin’s would be. I wasn’t disappointed….

A quick search brings up two Facebook personas, a standard personal account that I can’t fully see as I’m not a friend (although on first glance she seems to only have one friend anyway, poor thing), and one of those cool-kid fan pages under the name of ‘Sarah Palin, VP’, currently home to nearly 88,500 fans (you know you’re famous when you have orders of magnitude more fans than friends).

Sarah Palin's Facebook fan page

Sarah Palin's Facebook fan page

The first thing that struck me on this page were the three ‘favorite’ pages listed. There’s McCain (obviously), ‘The Bible’ (which I didn’t know had it’s own Facebook page), and Indie/Alternative/Christian Rock band The Redding Brothers (comprising of suitably biblically-named brothers Micah, Josiah and Gabriel).

In fact, this page looks more like an exercise in soft-promotion of the Redding Brothers than for Palin. The only two weblinks listed are for, for which I receive a “403 Forbidden” error, and which points to the band’s website where they boldly proclaim ‘Rock and Roll Can Save the World’.

This struck me as a wee bit fishy, so I checked the wall of the page for anything else that may catch my eye, and found this:

Josiah Redding first post!

Josiah Redding first post!

The very first post on the wall of ‘Sarah Palin, VP’ is by none other than the aforementioned Josiah Redding!

Maybe I have a habit of making things seem more conspiratorial than they actually are, but this does strike me as fairly odd. Can someone explain to me how these fan pages start? I assumed that you’d actually have to at least be acting on behalf of the person (or in the bible’s case, the book) that you’re listing, but is it the case that anyone can do it?

Sure there’s a few cursory pics of the Republican convention and such, but I have the suspicion that this might actually be a case of cheeky free-riding on the most talked-about name of the last week. It wouldn’t surprise me if people who have signed up as fans (nearly 90,000 by now, I’m a slow blogger) suddenly find themselves being invited to purchase the latest offerings of West Virginia’s favourite biblical brothers….

Your thoughts, as always, would be greatly appreciated!