After my previous post which you may have caught earlier today, I was contacted by one of the owners of Wahaca restaurant, Mark Selby, who assured me that my “disgusted” caller was not a member of staff at Wahaca, and that the voicemail was as a result of the business card pool being stolen from the restaurant and prank calls being made to many of the other ‘contestants’.

While some of you have been fairly cynical as to this explanation, the fact remains that it is a not-impossible scenario that became much more realistic when I noticed that Wahaca is one of many restaurants up for a gong at the London Restaurant Awards, taking place tonight at Grosvenor House (and, incidentally, hosted by Jack Dee).

So, was it an unscrupulous employee of a rival restaurant hoping to stir-up (geddit?) trouble ahead of the awards? In hindsight, this seems likely, and explains the bizarre message voicing both disgust and the desire for me to share my experiences with friends. Frankly I’m done talking about it now, seeing as whoever did this has received a fair whack of word-of-mouth for the company today.

Interestingly, I’ve had that message on my voicemail since last Saturday, and had I bothered to blog about it last week, this may have rumbled for a couple of days and spread a bit more. As it happens, the felons failed to take into account my awesome powers of procrastination. Suckers….