Despite my determination to limit my blogging to times when a) I’m not in work, and b) I have something original to actually say, I’ve decided to add a new link to my blog roll.

The Alice Dale Blog (not to be confused with the great Iain Dale’s Diary, as if you would) is a fairly new blog on the ever-popular subject of feminism.

Now, you may well be aware of my approach to feminism, or you may not. Suffice to say I take great pleasure in calling certain Über-Feminist chums of mine ‘Mrs’, purely because I know it winds them up something rotten (which I find personally hilarious).

This blog is written by someone more on the ‘dangerously sensible’ side than most others I’ve met, and is regularly-updated (especially compared to mine) with comprehensive articles and links to publications across the interwebs.

Have a look and see what you think. I think with an invested audience around it, there could be some very interesting comment wars discussions, which I will of course stick my nose into every now and then.